TEDTEA History

When looking through some paperwork, we came across this photo of Oliver A. Howland standing in front of his steam engine that was eventually donated to the Texas Early Day Tractor & Engine Association. Included with the pictures was a hand written note-

“The Steam Engine was bought by Will Pagett of the Prairie Lee Community in about 1889. It was shipped by Katy Railroad from Pittsburg, Pa. It was then moved by wagon about 6 miles to Prairie Lee. I’m not quite sure just when it was moved to Andice, Texas.

William Davidson built a gin in 1921 in Andice. Does not know when he sold to Carl Doering and Bill McCann. Oliver A. Howland built a cedar mill in Jolleyville, Tx in 1940. He had it in operation several years. He dismantled it all about 1980.”

Waco Antique Farm Machinery Club Annual Tractor Ride and Show

Our good friends at the Waco Antique Farm Machinery Club are preparing for their Annual Tractor Ride and Show. The ride is one of the best in the area. The feature brand is Allis-Chalmers! Same as the TEDTEA show this year! Contact Van Massirer for more info!

March “1st Saturday” Workday

March 2nd will be a workday. We will begin about 8:00-8:30 a.m. We are looking for some trees to plant to replace the few that didn’t make it. There will also be plenty of spring cleanup to do. Come out for the day, come out for an hour or two, or just come by to say Hello!

Saturday January 5th Workday!

Workday on Saturday! Planning on working in the pavilion re-arranging some things. Bring work gloves! If things dry out enough we will work on the sheet metal on the old barn on the new property. There are a couple things that still need to be finished.

Thanks for a amazing show!

A huge thank you to everyone who came out and made the 47th Annual State Show a huge success!  Even with the rain we had impressive numbers of visitors and exhibitors.  Excuse us while we take a break for a few weeks to unwind and spend some time with friends and family.  We are already making plans for the coming year so keep a eye on the webpage and facebook for updates in the coming weeks!


Thanks again,

Dustin Marx

TEDTEA 2019 President

Curious about food at the show this year?  We have a great list and a great selection for even the pickiest of eaters-

Wat Tha Truck

The Dog Pound Gourmet Hotdogs

CNJ Catering

Vinnies Cheese Steaks

Er Thang Cajun

Hencho En Texas

And for some good snacks or sweets- 

Papa Bear Kettle Corn

C&J Sweet Snow selling old fashion soda

Snow Cones by Rosebud Parks & Recreation volunteers to raise money for their new park

Looking for directions?

Click on directions in the map below, or use 1717 Eberhardt Road, Temple Texas in your favorite map app!

For Sale row at the show.

We are going to try something new this year.  We are going to reserve a row along the road across from the church for “For Sale” items(shown in red on image).  This is going to be very relaxed and have only a few guidelines-

  1. Each item shall be clearly marked with a phone number.  We strongly suggest including a starting price, even if it’s OBO.
  2. Each item must be mostly complete.  If it’s one or two items short of being complete, that’s ok.  TEDTEA Officers will reserve the right to remove items if they are deemed to be taking advantage of the club.
  3. Tractors or trucks must be rolled into position.  They can be pulled into position by something else.  They will not be allowed to be left on a trailer.
  4. Engines will not be allowed to remain on a trailer unless the trailer sells with the engine.
  5. This is not the flea market area.  If it’s not a tractor, truck, engine or complete implement, it goes in the flea market.  Flea market spaces are extremely reasonable in price and all proceeds benefit the club.
  6. This is completely voluntary and free. If you do sell your item, please consider donating a little bit to the Club.

Again, this is to promote buying, selling and trading during the show.  We hope everyone will follow the spirit of doing what’s right and not try to take advantage of this.  Everyone is still welcome to park their item in their area and put a for sale sign on it.  This is completely voluntary.